Carefully remastered replica of the most popular "video game" in the Soviet Russia. See for yourself why millions of kids in the U.S.S.R. begged their parents to spend a quarter of the monthly salary on this fun game. "Nu, Pogodi!" (Just you wait!) is a Soviet Union clone of Nintendo's EG-26 or "Egg" game from Game and Watch series. Back in 1987 the game was released under the Russian brand Electronika.

"This is non-stop action fun from my childhood, now it's my nephew's best pacifier!"
- Vasiliy Terkin

- 2 games in 1: patience and attention
- listen to iTunes while you play
- surround stereo sound
- easy to press large animated buttons
- high score
- rotate the game up and down or flip it front and back
- fast download, tiny size
- plays by itself if left alone
- English and Russian languages
- easy to follow help for English speakers
- learn 5 Russian words
- mute game music

Easy arcade style game - catch as many eggs as you can.

Save the eggs from breaking by moving the wolf into the correct position so the egg drops into the wolf's basket. Brake an egg and you loose a point. Game ends at 3 lost points. If you brake an egg while rabbit is looking out of the window - only a half point is lost.

=== По-Русски
Ретро Игра "Ну погоди!" реставрированная под золото со знаком качества.
Электроника ИМ-1 была сделана в СССР в 1987.
Вспомните волка и заяца из популярного мультфильма "Ну погоди!"
Любые модели iPhone или iPod Touch, работает без интернета, жалеет батарейки, занимает мало места, может играть сама.
Играть легко - Ловите яйца! Кнопка Время ставит игру на паузу. Нажмите и держите часики чтобы посмотреть счет. Колокольчик - вкл/выкл музыку.
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